Selected Publications

Mother/Wound: Full/Crescent Press (purchase the collection here)

Radish Legs, Duck Feet: Green Bottle Press (purchase the chapbook here)


The Depths: On the Sea Wall

Hybrid: VIDA Review

Field: Blanket Sea

SurgeThe Account

The Moon, The Maiden:  Entropy

The Pearl Diver: Gold Wake Live 


Dreaming of Rice and On Boys’ DayRaising Mothers

Claiming Honey: Columbia Journal

Watching My Son Play AloneSWWIM

Half-Life and In the Season of Pink Ladies:  Cordella Magazine

First Night, Shift, At Dead Horse Bay, and Ghostly Measures (Featured Writer Interview linked): Night Music Journal

On Your BirthdayBARNHOUSE

The Return: Ghost City Review

Love Fossil: Moon City Review 2017

Birches: The Pinch 36.2

Mantis, Honey Locust, and Mayflies: Yellow Chair Review

Autumn Penance: Pudding Magazine #65

Hydra, Bloom, and Night Gazing:  Hobart 

Cosmic Pizza: Cake Issue 8

Camel Country:  Pudding Magazine #64

Mass in Tupelo, 1973 and Punch: FreezeRay Poetry 

Years After: Waccamaw Journal

The Crane Wife: Silver Birch Press (Mythic Poetry Series)

Ward Lullaby and Speak:  Relief Issue 8.1

Deer and Midwest Love Song:  The Santa Clara Review 99.2

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